Trades & Street Directories, 1769 - 1976

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The local studies collection includes fifty trades and street directories of Limerick City and County, published between the years 1769 and 1976. These directories are an excellent source of historical and genealogical information. Through the directories you will be able to trace any family that operated a business or was listed in street directories during the period covered. In the absence of census records prior to 1901 these directories are of immense value in establishing addresses and occupations of people who lived in Limerick. 

These directories were not, however, exhaustive and you should note that small traders and the disadvantaged classes in general tend not to be listed here. Virtually all other classes do receive some coverage.

The directories can be used for a much broader range of research than simple genealogical queries. For example, one can trace the development of the city of Limerick from the late eighteenth to late twentieth centuries, one can analyse the rise and fall of different types of business activities and, indeed, the rise and sometimes fall of prominent Limerick families.

Articles about trades directories:

John Ferrar's [sic] Limerick City Directory - 1788  [Richard Lucas Directory] by Charlotte Murphy, Old Limerick Journal vol. 43, Summer 2009

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Ferrar (1769) Lucas (1788) Holden (1809)
Evening Post (1812) Pigot (1824) Deane (1838)
 Triennial (1840)  Slater (1846)  Slater (1856)
 Henry and Coghlan (1867)  Slater (1870)  Bassett (1875)
 Bassett (1877)  Limerick City Directory (1879)  Bassett (1880)
  Bassett (1884) Guy (1886)

Trades & Street Directories

of Limerick City & County

(1769 - 1976)

 Ashe (1891)  Slater (1894)  Kelly (1905)
 Patriot's Handbook (1908)  Cork & Munster (1912)  Guy (1912)
 Guy (1913)  Guy (1914)  Cork & Munster (1914)
 Cork & Munster (1915)  Cork & Munster (1918)  Cork & Munster (1920)
 Cork & Munster (1924)  Cork & Munster (1925)  Cork & Munster (1927)
 Cork & Munster (1928)  Limerick City Directory (1928)  Cork & Munster (1929)
 Cork & Munster (1930)  Cork & Munster (1933)  Cork & Munster (1935)
 Cork & Munster (1938)  Thom (1949)   Thom (1955)
 Thom (1956)  Thom (1957) MacDonald (1957)
 Thom (1966) Thom (1968) Cork & Munster (1969)
 Thom (1971)  Thom (1973)  Thom (1976)

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